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Youth ELE Program

Employment, Life Skills & Entrepreneurship


Kinston Teens recognizes the positive impact that employment and entrepreneurship opportunities can have on our community’s young people, and in curbing violence and crime among youth. Through our Youth ELE (Employment, Life Skills and Entrepreneurship) Program, Kinston Teens seeks to provide employment, professional development, life skills training and entrepreneurship opportunities for our community’s young people to increase their employability, develop vocational skillsets, and create safe and sustainable entrepreneurship opportunities for themselves.

Through our ELE Program, Kinston Teens will assist youth in making healthy, productive transitions to adulthood by: providing them with access to tools to further their educations, find jobs that will lead to lifetime careers, and take advantage of opportunities to pursue their own social-entrepreneurship ventures. Youth participating in this program will unlock their unique entrepreneurship creativity, gain a greater understanding the “real world,” and improve their personal quality of life along with the quality of life for others in our community.

Youth involved in the Kinston Teens ELE will receive an internship as a Program Assistant for the Kinston Teens Youth Leadership & Resource Center. As an intern, these young people will learn valuable knowledge on how youth can be catalysts for community change. Throughout the course of their work, they will receive valuable experience in event coordination, conducting meetings, local civic processes, office management, public speaking and community service. Interns will be expected to work a minimum of 12 hours per week. In addition to their internship experience, program participants will be expected to take part in the following resources:

  • Education Support – Youth participating in this program will be connected with educational resources to assist them in learning about colleges and vocational-trade schools, applying for scholarships and financial aids, and improving their academic ability.
  • Professional Development – Kinston Teens will connect provide youth with the opportunity to visit, learn from and work with business and industry leaders in Kinston and Lenoir County to experience real-world business practices.
  • Financial Literacy – Kinston Teens will partner with local financial institutions to develop unique, hands-on financial literacy learning opportunities covering the basic building blocks of personal finance. Youth involved in this program will receive valuable trainings on: budgeting and saving; college affordability; managing checking and savings accounts; credit and debit cards.
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The Summer 2017 Youth ELE is currently closed for applicants. Check back in the fall!